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On Nashata Pond

Raincoast Humpbacks - bubble feeding frenzy

Nature, Art & Me!

Connections! You go through life making connections - either with people, wildlife, Earth, yourself or so many other things in the World. For me, one of my most important connections is the one that I have with nature. It seems as I grow older the importance of this connection grows ever so more important to my life.

I hope that through my art and photography that you are able to increase your connection with the natural world.

I primarily focus on Canadian wildlife - animals, birds and fish done in watercolour, coloured pencil and graphite. My Artistic Cartography pieces are a style that I have done for several years now, where a national map, nautical chart or a topographical map is used as the "canvas" instead of a plain sheet of paper. 

I purchased one of Stuart's prints of Lake Opinicon and it is beautiful! It was a gift for a graduate student who did all of his doctoral research on the lake so it will be very meaningful. Stuart was amazing to work with and helped me with a custom size. Pick up of the print was quickly and easily arranged. Would definitely come back to Stuart's Art for future gifts!

Jessica Taylor

Stu has an incredible ability to tell a story through his sketches. The quality of the drawing is amazing and the tie in to the map bring the whole piece together in a magical, meaningful way. I am so happy with how the picture turned out and it is now a statement piece in my office with a heck of a great story to tell!

Lindsey Smith

I first noticed Stuart's artistic cartography pieces displayed in The Opinicon lodge and fell in love with his talent! Immediately I thought of commissioning Stuart to do a special piece for my Father. Stuart made the entire process of bringing my vision to life simple. Stuart provided me regularly with progress photos and was always happy to hear suggestions or give his professional input when required. In the end, I was able to surprise my Father with an unbelievably beautiful and meaningful gift that hangs on his living room wall and will forever remind him of his favourite pastime. Thank you Stuart! Your talent is undeniable.

Nola Fogolin

When I first saw your work, a number of years ago at the Opinion, I was immediately moved by the fact that these were the exact fish that I’d caught throughout my childhood on the St.Lawrence River. These pieces resonate so deeply with me, not only because the wildlife is so beautifully drawn, but because your creative use of river charts, as opposed to plain paper, seem to anchor the work in time and space. In my home, I want art that connects me to my past, my home, and nature. Your work captures the magnificence of Canadian wildlife and we feel privileged  to own several of your original pieces.

Shannon Shannan

Stuart’s work is out of this world! My fiancé was so overly thrilled with receiving this piece. Stuart was phenomenal to work with and always speedy with his responses. I have vacationed on Clear Lake every year of my life and have brought him with me since 2015. We fish a few of the lakes on this map. He fell is love with the area just as I did. We got engaged there. This summer we weren’t able to go due to the pandemic, so getting this for us to always have is very special to the both of us and we will cherish is forever.

Abby May via Etsy

Welcome to Stuart Arnett - Wildlife Conservation Artist

As a Signature Member of the Artists for Conservation since 2002, I focus on threatened natural habitats and endangered wildlife. A portion of certain art sales go to Conservation Organizations to help in their effort to save our natural environment.

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