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Hi, I'm a Canadian and grew up in Gananoque, Ontario, in the heart of the 1000 Islands. This is arguably one of the most beautiful areas of Eastern Ontario and it played a significant role in my wildlife and nautical interests.I primarily work in graphite, as I find that the graphite allows me to obtain the high level of detail seen in my work.

I also produce a mixed medium art form that I have named "Artistic Cartography". This combines a geographical map with graphite, Staedtler Marker and paint. This art form allows the subject matter to be paired with it's natural habitat.

My quest for detail is never ending and comes somewhat from my scientific and chemistry education as well as my love of nature in its true form.

Having no formal art training, the 1000 Islands and growing up in a home where arts and crafts were common place were extremely influential.

I now live at our cottage with my wife Tracy and we enjoy the Rideau River and the 1000 Islands - the best of both water systems. Throughout the summer months we spend it at our cottage on Clear Lake, part of the Rideau River System enjoying nature at its best. Our two daughters have also moved and both are now living in Calgary which opens up the entire west coast for our exploration.

The Rideau Canal System is a series of lift locks, 45 to be exact, that join several lakes between Canada's Capital City, Ottawa and Kingston, the formal Capital of Canada. It was built roughly 170 years ago as a military supply route. Apart from the history of this water way, the system is home to many forms of wildlife, including White Tail Deer, Beaver, Muskrat, Fox, Skunk, Raccoon, Porcupine and others as well as Loons, Great Blue Heron, Osprey, many Hawks and Owls. In other words the Rideau is full of inspiration for an artist that enjoys nature and landscapes.

( Clear Lake Sunset - Rideau Lakes, Ontario. )

When we are not at home at our cottage on Clear Lake we travel in our Westfalia, "Teddy88". The westy is a great little camper for getting out into the wilderness and exploring nature. Our trips to Newfoundland have brought some spectacular sites and images which can be found throughout this site. You will hear more about Teddy88 as the portfolio expands on this site as well as on our travel blog .

Trout River Camping - Newfoundland

( Trout River Camping, Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland )

As a Wildlife Conservation Artist, one of my main goals is to assist both specie and habitat conservation. This is done through the creation of Strategic Partnerships, similar the one I have with the Philippine Eagle Foundation, with wildlife organizations and environmental groups that are focused on working to protect our endangered species and their natural habitats.

In addition to setting up individual partnerships, as a Signature Member of the Artist for Conservation Foundation since 2002, I have the ability to donate a percentage of art sales to a specific organization to further assist in their fund raising. AFC's membership spans five continents and nearly 30 countries, and comprises 500 of the world's most gifted nature artists and dedicated conservationists. Currently there are over 150 organizations listed within the AFC's possible beneficiaries and there is over $ 11 million pledged by our members.

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Cell:   (613) 715-1439