Voyageurs Wolf Project - Northern Minnesota

A few years ago I had started following the Voyageurs Wolf Project on FB, mainly due to their high quality trail cam videos on top of old beaver dams.

At our own personal cottage we have an old beaver dam that is used by a wide variety of wildlife as a crossing between our adjacent properties. With my own trail cam, I have witnessed, whitetail deer, coyotes, otters, porcupines, raccoons and many more.

The Voyageurs Wolf Project is a University of Minnesota research project trying to understand the predation behaviour and reproductive ecology of wolves within the Voyageur National Park and Ecosystem. There are currently 16 wolf packs within the ecosystem.

In line with my desire to assist in conservation work through my art, the Voyageurs Wolf Project is a good candidate for a partnership. After a discussion with the head researcher Tom, an antique map of northern Minnesota that was created in 1849 was decided upon for the first piece of artwork.

Northern Minnesota

Below are some of the very first layout drawings of two wolves from the Cranberry Bay wolf pack. I'm still debating on whether to add additional wolves in background. This composition was taken from a trail cam recording of the Cranberry Bay pack crossing a frozen beaver pond.

  Progress work



This project is on going and will be updated as pieces are completed and available for purchase. A percentage of all sales will go to the Voyageurs Wolf Project to assist in their continued research.