Great Bear Rain Forest Grizzly Triplets

On our trip to the Great Bear Rain Forest onboard the Achiever - Raincoast Conservation Foundation's research sailing vessel the cameras were working overtime. This was the same trip that photographs were taken that help create the artistic cartography piece called Raincoast Humpbacks.

Part of this trip included some inland tributaries and day trips on a zodiac to access the smaller and shallower streams where the grizzlies were known to hunt and fish. To show the intricacy of the streams, rivers and estuaries I chose the chart below. The full size chart measures 32"H x 40"W.

Below, you can just see the initial layout of the main fallen tree tat will be the base of this drawing. The nautical charts and maps are typically a lot smoother than normal art paper - less tooth as they say so you have be be very careful and light with your pencil work as it is very difficult to erase any work.

This is the concept of what the finished piece will depict. If you watch the video at the bottom of the page you can watch as the triplets run up and down the huge tree as their mother in the background searches for food.

Grizzly Bear cubs

Below is a short time lapse video of some of the initial pencil and Staedtler marker work on the logs in the foreground.

IMG_0351 2 from Stuart Arnett on Vimeo.

The video below was taken while I was in a zodiac exploring the Great Bear Rain Forest in British Columbia.