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As you know I was invited to participate in the Sketch for Survival 2018 fund raising event ( last year 150 artworks from 14 different countries and raised over £40,000 ).

This year the collection of works will tour the UK between September and November including the prestigious Gallery@Oxo in London as well as 3 days in New York.

You can find more info at explorersagainstextinction.co.uk and @RealAfrica

I decided to draw an elephants eye to have the viewer think about the future that these magnificent creatures are facing and envision what they see as their world crumbles in front of them. Elephants are highly intelligence and extremely social beings and deserve our help to survive.

The original piece has been sent to England however I will be selling a limited number ( only 100 ) prints to raise additional money for the cause.

Each print sells for $26 - the number of minutes it takes for an elephant to be poached in Africa and the number of minutes it took to draw “Envision”.

Prints: # 1/100, # 2/100, # 3/100, # 4/100 and # 8/100 have already been sold - get your number now.

It’s all for a good cause and 100% will go to the charity to help.