Patiently Waiting

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"Patiently Waiting" took a little longer to complete than expected - a lot of layers and snow flakes later and it was done. Roughly 13,000 snow flakes or 25 to 30 per square inch of "snow storm".
This is true mixed medium piece as it combines graphite, coloured pencil, water colour paints and acrylic paint done on a nautical chart of the 1000 Islands. I call these pieces Artistic cartography works as they bring the subject matter home to its geographical location.
The original measures 32"H X 46"W and retails for $ 4500.00 

Prints will be available in two sizes - 24”H X 34”W for $325 and at 2/3 size at 18”H X 26”W for $250.

This is a common winter scene in Clayton, New York and because of Covid, I was fortunate enough to be able to use a few reference photos from my friend Jan Eliot

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