1000 Island Sunfish

This piece is similar to the previous artistic cartography piece called Fishing the 1000 Islands which shows the most commonly caught fish in the Islands. 

This new artistic cartography piece; however, will be reserved strictly for Sunfish. The Sunfish Family is quite large. There is a total of 38 species that comprise the Centrarchidae Family. All of which are native to North America and I will be presenting the most common 8 that inhabit the 1000 Islands.

I've started with a little Bluegill on the nautical chart of the Islands. I begin with a light pencil outline and then add the scales and main structural lines of the jaw, gills and various fins.   

Below is a progress picture with the finished Bluegill, a Pumpkinseed above it which is almost done and a Redbreast in the bottom left corner. 

1000 Island Sunfish 

Black and White Crappie, which are excellent pan fish and can be a lot of fun to catch since they are usually a fair bit bigger than other sunfish. Below is the start of the Black Crappie.


See a little bit of my work in action below. If you watch this little time lapse you will see how many colours I go through to just get the top portion of the sunfish done. There are a lot of layers and blending that takes place to obtain the desired final colour.


As progress is made and the final piece comes together I will update this page. Below is the most up-to-date progress image.