Work in Progress - New Art

It takes a bit of time to produce the pieces of art that you find on my site. As an artist I work on several pieces at the same time - this is primarily done to ensure that my interest in kept at an optimum level to ensure that each piece receives my highest level of skill. I usually can work about 4 or 5 hours on a single piece before the interest and skill levels deteriorates and it is VERY important to know when to leave a piece and stop working on it - even for a few hours.

This was I'm able to complete a few pieces in roughly the same period of time. Some pieces are easier to complete than others and I try to fit these in between my larger pieces as well as my private commissions which have a much higher level of difficulty.

So, below are several pieces in progress at this time. Click on a picture to find out more how my art in created for you.

1000 Island Sunfish
1000 Island Sunfish

Algonquin Park Trout  Algonquin Park Trout

Great Bear Rain Forest Grizzly Triplets  

Private Commission